Dr. Methuselah has operated on each of my feet for Morton's neuroma. The right foot was done in 2006, and has given me no trouble whatsoever since then. My right foot was operated on in January, and today was my last follow up appointment.
I am extremely pleased with Dr. Methuselah's treatment. He himself is very personable, and is an excellent surgeon. As a nurse at an outpatient surgery center, I have the opportunity to see many podiatrists and orthopaedic surgeons, and chose Dr. Methuselah for both of the surgeries I have had on my feet. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has difficulties with his/her feet or ankles.
 I saw a different doctor in 2013 who didn't do anything and my foot just gotworse over time. Dr. Methuselah was recommended to me by a friend and fellow MD and was great with me from day one. The surgery was a breeze. Pain was not bad at all. Recovery time is tough. You're down for some time so be prepared forthat part if you need something extensive.
 Dr. Methuselah did an excellent job I think because I had little pain and my 4 scars are very faded after only 3 months of healing. I am still recovering and not in my full shoe collection yet, but every week we see improvement and I expect to be back in heels very soon. I
will trust no other doctor now. As for the staff and billing it was perfection. They handled everything for me and explained the insurance and my share of the bill. 
Appointments were very easy to make just certain times of the day the wait is longer than other times, but that is ok with me when a doctor takes his time with his patients. I want that attention so I feel cared for and know that every detail was covered. I really have no complaints at all.
My GP removed a toenail and it did not grow back in correctly. The GP referred me to Dr. M who preformed a procedure in his office. After the procedure I had a lot of pain when trying to take care of the nail (getting packing under the nail to pry it up as it healed and grew). Dr. M agreed to do it himself, which meant my coming in to the office every few days. The toe had been very painful for months and restricted my activity and I was just weary of the whole affair, so I was relieved that he went the extra mile to do this for me. He was not at all condescending about the fact that I could not perform this after-care myself.

I have also seen him for plantar fasciitis and a heel spur. The treatments always worked and I had improvements without more serious procedures. He will be performing bunion surgery for me in December.
 I have never been big fan of writing reviews. However, in this day of poor and ok service being the norm, I feel that excellent service should be acknowledged. Its nice to show up at a place where everyone is helpful and kind. Where you are seen in a timely fashion, after all that is the reason for making an appointment. Dr. Methuselah strikes me as a concerned and caring individual who knows his stuff. He listened to everything I had to say, asked relevant questions about my condition, and then explained in simple terms I could understand what was causing my condition and how it could be treated. This is how I like to do business, I know what has happened, why, and what needs to be done and there were no surprises. 
The treatment plan was easy and effective, this is the best shape my feet have been in for years. I hate going to the doctor, and that is probably why I put this off so long. Now that I see how easy and pleasant the process can be, I would not hesitate to go back to Dr. Methuselah for any future needs.
Had surgery- it went well. The office staff was great. Dr. Methuselah is friendly, prompt and a good surgeon. I had my surgery at Palmetto Health Parkridge in Irmo and they were also good. 
Though bunion surgery is known for being painful, mine was not as painful as I anticipated. He was concerned about the healing as well as the regaining the ability to walk normal again. I was walking in a shoe about 2 weeks before expected and was able to go back to driving and work (it was on my right foot). Very helpful doctor and staff
 I was seeing him for pain in my left foot. Dr. Methuselah is wonderful to work with. He listens. He cares. He is thorough. I consider him an amazingly good doctor.

This was my second appointment for plantar fasciitis. I believe my wait has been about 20 minutes each time which seems reasonable.

Dr. Methuselah takes time to answer all my questions and explains things in an understandable way. He has offered a range of approaches to address the issue. So far I am pursuing the more conservative approaches. He is respectful of my preferences in this area.

His staff has helped me with a number of different items and their level of customer service is amazing. They are friendly, thorough and they follow-through on everything. I am very impressed with their entire office so far.