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2 weeks ago
Dr. Methuselah is a fantastic podiatrist/surgeon! He is very pleasant and takes time to explain the issue, surgery, and answer your questions. He also has a great staff. I had surgery on my left foot in March and the same surgery on my right foot in October with no pain or complications. I followed his instructions after surgery and my feet healed quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Methuselah!!

a month ago
If you are looking for a podiatrist, this is the man! Dr. Dan is the BEST! I had Hallux Limitus surgery and was it was such a success! Felt absolutely no pain. I followed doctor's rules and my foot healed in record time. He did a fantastic job! I love his staff! They are efficient, nice and helpful. This office is run the way a doctors office should be! I will actually miss going in to see them now! Thanks to you all!

3 months ago
I love Dr. Methuselah! I had the lapiplasty done on my left bunion and it has been a total success! I did not have the horrible pain that I read about in posts on bunion surgery and I attribute that to the excellent surgeon and FOLLOWING post op instructions! I also want to add kudos to the office staff! ALL very helpful , considerate, and kind! I'm looking forward to having my other foot corrected! Thanks SO much guys!

4 months ago

Dr. Methuselah is a great doctor and solved my foot problems. There was no wait time in his reception area and the staff was inviting. They were practicing Covid 19 procedures. There was practically no wait time after you were in the waiting room. Dr. Methuselah was able to diagnose my foot problem, explained the cause of the problem, and gave me two inflammation shots over two months. The pain is gone and I can walk again. I was able to ask questions and did not feel rushed. I liked his direct approach to the problem with optional alternatives. Wish there were more doctors like Dr. Methuselah.

4 months ago
I would give 10 stars if I could. The gals in the office are great and Dr Methusela is fabulous.. he went over everything clearly.. I was a little scared having surgery, but here I am 5 weeks out, with no boot!! Not 100%yet, but I know I'll get there soon. If you do as they say, follow directions.. you'll be ok!!

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11 months ago
came to see Dr. Methuselah for pains in my big toe and heels. He was very professional to my needs and explained everything I needed to do to help it. He will listen to what you feel like and do his best to help you. I did have surgery and felt amazing after I came out. After a few days I could tell the difference, I did everything he told me and was ahead of schedule to return to work. He did such an amazing job that even scar is so little that you don't notice it. I would like to thank the girls in the front office, they are very helpful and willing to answer questions with a smile on their faces. I would also like to complement Megan and Janine - these two are wonderful ladies and very knowledgeable at what they do, thank you girls you "ROCK". as for Dr. Methudelah he is the best and I will recommend him and this office anyone who is thinking of seeking out a podiatrist. Thank you for everything you did for me. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

5 reviews
a year ago

I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Methuselah and his staff! I had bunion surgery. Surgery went great! I followed his directives and had absolutely no issues and no pain during recovery. Dr. Methuselah is professional, personable and humorous. He explained to me the process, the procedure, and patiently answered all my questions during recovery. I was referred to his office by a couple neighbors who also only had glowing reviews. His staff is also professional, sweet, patient and helpful! I was in the middle of switching insurances during the process, and his staff worked with me and my insurance companies to get everything straight. I never had to wait more than 10 minutes for my appointments. Anyone having foot surgery would be CRAZY to go anywhere else but this office!

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a year ago
If you are looking for a podiatrist, this is the rockstar doctor that you want on your team. The office runs a very efficient operation with staff who are unfailingly polite and courteous. Scheduling an appointment means that you will actually be seen at that time and Dr. Methuselah's talent with balancing bed side manner while getting to an effective solution is absolutely first rate.

2 reviews
a year ago
Dr. Methuselah performed foot surgery at the end of December. The entire experience was beyond my expectations. Dr. Methuselah is extremely knowledgeable and professional and always took the time to explain my foot issue, surgery steps and recovery time etc. The surgery was flawless and I am walking normal and without pain. He has a great bedside manner and I always felt very pleased that he took the time to not only answer all my questions but to also ensure I felt relaxed and comfortable before and after surgery. His office staff were also very helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Methuselah!

1 review
a year ago
Dr. Methuselah and his staff are first rate! Columbia Podiatry is the THE place to go if you need help with your feet!!! When I first started going to see him, he was very kind and thorough with his assessments. He is not a surgeon who rushes straight to the operating room and we tried several things first. When it became evident that surgery would be necessary, he put a plan in place and answered all of my questions. I felt so confident going into my procedure b/c I knew I had found the right doctor and the right staff to take care of me. He prepared me very well for my procedure and there were no surprises.
His front of the house staff, Karen, Lisa and Melanie could not have been kinder and always made sure that I had convenient appointments. They bent over backwards to take care of me and they really cared about me. Billing and insurance were never an issue I could not have asked for more in an office staff.
The back of the house staff, Danielle and Candace were phenomenal. I never waited long and once when I thought I had a concern, they took my call right away, and got me in to see them that day. It turned out to be nothing to worry about but they were still glad I came in and were genuinely concerned about me.
When I first saw my foot afterwards, I couldn't believe how neat the stitches were! It was perfect!!!!! Today, it looks amazing and I have virtually no scar. My foot feels great and the tailor's bunion is no more.
The only negative is that I don't get to see Dr. Methuselah and his staff on a regular basis anymore. They are like family and I couldn't be more pleased!!!! LOOK NO MORE - THIS IS THE PRACTICE AND THE DOCTOR YOU NEED!!! Thank you Dr. Dan!!! I am so grateful for you!!!!!

2 years ago
I first visited Dr. Methuselah and his staff after I became tired of walking with pain each and every day. I was treated professionally and with care from the start by both the office staff and nursing staff. After Dr. Methuselah diagnosed my foot as having a neuroma, he then clearly explained all of my options for treatment. He was extremely thorough and answered all of my questions with explicit information. We went through several non-surgery protocols before we finally decided to remove the inflamed nerve (via surgery). Dr. Methuselah and staff were accommodating, professional, and offered me the care that made me feel as if I was visiting home each and every time I walked in his office. My surgery was six months ago and I am walking with zero pain at the moment. I am back to exercising at full strength and am feeling great. If you're experiencing problems with your foot, then don't hesitate to call Dr. Methusaleh's office. You won't regret it!

1 review
2 years ago
My experience w/Dr. Methuselah and his staff was nothing short of exceptional from beginning to end. I had extensive foot surgery 5 months ago. Dr. Methuselah is extremely professional, personable, caring and skilled professional. He was very clear and concise when explaining exactly what I should expect w/ my surgery as well as my recovery. Most impressively, and much to my surprise, I experienced zero pain/discomfort throughout the entire process. If you find yourself in need of a podiatrist, look no further. Dr. Methuselah is the BEST!!!!

3 reviews
2 years ago
I recently had my second Bunion Surgery.
I have been more than pleased with the care this office gives to the patient.
Dr.Methuselah is so kind and caring with his patients.
He never makes you feel bad for asking questions.
He never rushes you through the appointment.
He takes time to talk to you and explains anything you don’t understand.
He does amazing work and really cares for the patient above everything else..
If you are in need of a great doctor (podiatrist ),
Call them today you will be glad you did.

1 review
2 years ago
After receiving several different consults, I elected to see Dr. Methuselah due to hearing a lot of positive feedback from many common contacts. My experience was very good. I am a direct and detailed individual and appreciate Dr. Methuselah's hands on approach. While follow up for my ankle surgery was completed after initial stabilty by his very capable team, the majority of the direct care and diagnosis was from Dr. Methuselah. While I respect the knowledge and need of the role of today physicians assistants, I appreciated the initial thorough diagnosis and explanation from the doctor. I had already been navigating the maze of making it through the hierarchy of seeing a doctor at my orthopedist, which proved to be a time waste. My case was particularly difficult ,as was noted by my radiology report. Dr. Methuselah had a discussion with me that this was well within his skill set and I felt comfortable with moving forward surgically. I am a year out and have healed very uneventfully and ahead of schedule. I am back to full use of my ankle in sports as well as daily use with no pain. I highly recommend Dr. Methuselah and his entire team at Columbia Podiatry. The front office was courteous, responsive, and clear. The clinical staff were informed, timely, and caring. Dr. Methuselah was thorough, knowledgeable, direct and available. Thank you for the professional care in these days of changing medical times. I will confidently refer family and friends.

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2 years ago
Dr. Methuselah and his staff was the most outstanding doctors office. I had to have two surgies with Dr. Methuselah. I had never been to his office before so you can imagine meeting a new doctor and then finding out you need surgery! His staff was always smiling, helpful and was always willing to go above and beyond. Dr. Methuselah he made me feel like I was the only patient he had. Plus he performs the surgery at Lexington Outpatient Surgery in Irmo.....and OHHH MY GOD they are the most OUTSTANDING PEOPLE over there. They make it so inviting and welcoming to you almost don't want to leave! If you ever looking for or in search of a Podiatrist PLEASE GO SEE Dr. Methuselah!!!! Words are not enough to say how outstanding he is!!!!

*Added Note* Ladies: Dr. Methuselah is also a very handsome man! Which is always a plus!
1 review
3 years ago
Dr. Methuselah has performed bunion surgery on both of my feet. He was recommended to me by a friend 13 years ago when I had my bunionectomy on my left foot. The surgery and recovery went great and was non-eventful. I just recently got a stress fracture in my 2nd metatarsal on my right foot. After consulting with Dr. Methuselah about the stress fracture, we decided it was time to have the bunionectomy on my right foot. This surgery and recovery also went great and was non-eventful. Dr. Methuselah and his staff go over all the instructions of the surgery and recovery time thoroughly. They are all very professional and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I would not even consider going to another podiatrist. I have also heard great things about Dr. Methuselah from other patients of his and people in the medical field. I have always felt very confident in what Dr. Methuselah suggests because he truly knows his stuff!