The Importance of Proper Footcare for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is one of the most serious health conditions because it has such harmful effects on your entire body. Diabetes is especially damaging to your extremities, including your feet. If you are diabetic, you need to take special care of your feet and your podiatrist can help.

Diabetes attacks the main systems in your body, including your circulatory, immune, and nervous systems. Diabetes affects your feet in these ways:

Damage to your nervous system can lead to loss of sensation in your feet. That means if you experience an injury, you may not feel it. Diabetes also leads to painful diabetic neuropathy, causing sharp, stabbing pain in your feet

Damage to your immune system can lead to delayed healing or failure to heal. That means if you have a small cut or blister, it can turn into a painful diabetic ulcer.

Damage to your circulatory system can lead to lack of sufficient blood flow to your feet and toes. Lack of blood flow can lead to death of tissue and ultimately, amputations.

Taking proper care of your feet when you are diabetic can help prevent the harmful effects of diabetes. To take proper care of your feet at home, you should:

  • Do foot and toe exercises to boost circulation
  • Examine your feet and toes daily for any injuries, cuts, or blisters
  • Wash, dry, and moisturize your feet and toes daily to keep your skin from drying out
  • Apply antiseptic and bandage any open sores or cuts to prevent infection
  • Always wear comfortable shoes and avoid going barefoot to prevent injuries to your feet

Make sure to visit your podiatrist regularly. Your podiatrist can examine your feet and check your circulation and nerve function. Seeing your podiatrist can help keep minor foot injuries from becoming major foot problems.

To find out more about the importance of proper foot care for diabetic patients, talk with an expert. Call your podiatrist today.